City Taxi Vehicles ( Fleet):


The fleet of the company comprises of more than 35 modern vehicles with the world’s best technology, ensuring the highest security and safety standards. This system enables communication between the reservation and distribution section and the taxi 24 hours day 7 days a week.
City Taxi current set up holds a distinction among the other taxi franchisees of being the only franchisee company ready to operate a fleet entirely large capacity or at least 400 vehicles. Its well-experienced team with its reaffirmed commitment towards the attainment of company’s objectives will be an asset in expanding City Taxi Services not to mention that CityTaxi has always place great emphasis on technology to enhance its customer services.

Taxi existing / proposed Tariff

Starting Meter Charge - Flag Fall

Day Time - 6:00am to 10:00pm

Hired on Road / Street Pickup

Dh. 12 .00

Booking through Dispatch Center

Dh. 8 .00

Night Time - 10:00pm to 6:00am


Hired on Road / Street Pickup

Dh 12 . 0 0

Booking through Dispatch Center

Dh. 9 .00

Dubai International Airport Area

Dh. 2 5 .00

Running Meter Charges

Every 625 Meters

Dh. 1.00

Per Kilometer

Dh. 1.60

Waiting Charges

Start of Waiting Charges

After 10 Minutes of Waiting

Rate of Waiting Charges

Dh. 30.00 Per Hour

Rate of Increment

Dh. 0.50 Per Minute

Daily Rates - Within Dubai

6 Hours of Taxi Service

Dh. 5 00.00

12 Hours of Taxi Service

Dh. 800 .00