Direct Reservation Service.

The speed factor and the customers comfort are the most important standards that govern the mission of City Taxi Agency. Then reservation and distribution section's role is to ensure that the public are able to book a taxi easily, and in many different ways.

Automatic Reservation Service:

This service requires the customer only to register his address with the reservation and distribution section at Dubai Taxi Agency. When the customers wishes to call a taxi he dials the telephone number  and the reservation takes place automatically with the option of determining the time when the customer needs the taxi whether immediately or later

Charge Account Service:

New and simple concept adopted to serve companies, firms and individuals who are continuously on the move. This system provides services for two types of customers: the first one is the companies and the second is the individuals. The deferred payment system simplifies expenses where the passenger does not pay his fare in cash but by signing a deferred payment slip that he delivers to the driver who in turn delivers it to Dubai Taxi Agency and the latter collects the dues. The most important condition for obtaining this service is to pay a deposit to Dubai Taxi Agency and attach a copy of the trade license for the companies and passport photocopy for individuals.

Family Service:

 In a daring move considered to be the first of its kind at the area level, Dubai Taxi Agency introduced the family services through drivers of both sexes who acquire the necessary expertise and skills to handle such task that requires skill and excellence in driving and high sense of responsibility.

Special Needs Service

This distinctive service aims to provide special services of social type through vehicles characterized with high quality technical specifications that are convenient for the passengers with special needs. These vehicles are fitted with special devices that facilitate the entry and exit of the wheelchairs automatically to make seating the passenger a smooth process.

Taxi Parking Service

In order to provide the traveling public with easy access to taxis, many taxi ranks have been established at strategic points all over Dubai. Ranks may be found at most hotels, shopping malls, railway and bus stations and on many of the main streets.

Lost Items Service

Passengers are encouraged to check that they have all of their belongings at the end of each journey. If any item is accidentally left in the taxi vehicle, the driver will deliver the item to the Police station.